Rescued dog video

This dog was locked in near total darkness for a decade. This shows the behavior that some breeders feel is acceptable.

St. Louisville woman sentenced for running puppy mill at home

It is truly sad to hear about animals having to live in awful conditions like these.



A second part of our effort to reach out to the student body was collecting signatures for a campaign against puppy mills. While the pledge may just be writing down a name, we felt that my asking students to sign, we may pique their interest about puppy mills.

We found that students were enthusiastic to sign, but often had never given much thought to the implications of buying a dog as opposed to adopting. Hopefully at least one student decides to adopt instead of buy as a result of our work.

Statistics from the event will be up soon!

Puppy Mill Rescue

It’s bittersweet to hear about rescues. While you know that the animals are now safe, and will find loving homes, it is a reminder of how many other operations just like this one are still operating and still hurting dogs.


Movie Night

One of the primary ways we tried to educate Bucknell’s student body was by showing a documentary about animal abuse. We felt that a documentary would be a good choice of media to convey the conditions of puppy mills. I Breathe, the documentary in question, shows puppy mills from the perspective of breeders and rescue workers.

I advertised the showing by putting up posters, talking to professors, and by word of mouth. We were very happy to see to see that we did get a turnout for the event. It is encouraging to see that students are willing to take time out of their busy weeks to learn about a real world problem.

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Site is online

Our site is up!

From this site our group will post regularly about issues relevant to puppy mills and other animal cruelties.

We’ll be in touch!